I’ve been stalking Kickstarter projects for the better part of two years and finally popped my backer cherry, thanks to Storium. To be honest, it’s not that other products haven’t tickled my fancy—I Needed to get into Storium’s panties with my throbbing story-rection as fast as possible, and backing it allowed that. It was a wise decision.

For anyone wondering, Storium is a collaborative storytelling game. BOOM! Taglined. Anyway, at times, it can feel like a table-top RPG or an old MUD game from days of yore and dialup and sad porn. I’m not going to get into minute details, but the structure is great. Fast. Highly customizable. If you can imagine a world, you can play in it or create it. Fantasy. Urban horror. Steampunk. Robot Doctor drama.

For stretch goals, they’ve enlisted a bunch of kick-ass authors (There’s a pun there, and a prize to the person that gets it) to create worlds for people to play in.

I’ll note, it can be word-heavy. That’s to say, it’s a work of literature fiction at heart. Whereas tabletop RPGs can have quick back-and-forths, Storium can have great depth and breadth. If you don’t like reading and writing, it’s not for you.

I’m both narrating and participating in games, and I’ll admit the community has been tits. Seriously. I have yet to meet an asshole in the bunch. I’m sure they exist, but it seems like that type of person would get rooted out and flush pretty fast. Obvious plus!

I think the brains behind Storium have some great ideas to help it transcend what it already is. The Storium for Schools stretch goal is a great marker to that.

Anyway, the kickstarter campaign is over (it was an overwhelming success) and I look forward to continuing to play the beta until the live release. If you love stories, keep an eye out for it. There’s a yearly subscription cost, but it’s going to be a healthy $24/year. You should get $24 in entertainment out of it in your first few days. Hell, you’d pay $60 for a next-gen game that gets old in 10 hours, right? $24… for a year. YEAR. Do it.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys create.

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